E-Loyalty T & C


Payluy E-loyalty Terms and conditions shall apply in addition to, and comprise part of, the general Terms and conditions. By using our payment services, you indicate that you read and understand these Terms and Conditions and accept all of them. Payluy reserves the right to revise these Terms & Conditions or terminate the E-loyalty programme and any part thereof at any time. Any such change will take effect immediately.

What is Shake to Win

Shake is one of the E-loyalty program that is chance based. Shake is triggered after a transaction upon fulfilling the coupon conditions. If a coupon is won, the coupon will be added to My Coupons page.

What is PayPoints

PayPoints is Payluy’s own point system where the user earns points on every transaction. The user accumulates points and redeem a reward from a list. Each rewards costs(in points) and after redemption the reward will appear in My Coupons page. The rewards has its own set of rule that the user has to fulfil in order to take advantage of it. Paypoints is also awarded on new user signups and user referral.

Earning Coupons

Coupon is awarded upon fulfilling the coupon criteria. Each coupon has its own set of rules.
Coupons is issued to users, at merchants discretion, when he or she makes the following transaction using Payluy app:

i.) Transfer
ii.) Mobile Topup
iii.) Bills Payment

Coupons can also be earned without making any transaction, when the user is in the specific location or within a radius. However to use the coupon a transaction may be required.

Using Coupons

You can use your coupons while making payments by scanning QR at merchant stores or transfer The coupons has its own set of rules that the user must fulfill in order to claim the benefits of the coupon. After the coupon is used the coupon balance will be reduced or may disappear from “My coupons” page depending on the coupon criteria to use the coupon.
To check the coupon available and details on how to use, go to “My Coupons” page from the left side menu or click coupons icon on the Home screen.

Coupon Validity

Coupons validity are set by merchants. Expired coupon cannot be used. Customer shall not be able to earn and use coupon after the coupon expires. Expired coupon will be rendered void and will not be replaced. The coupon expires on the date specified on the coupon details. Any subsequent redemption upon the expiry of the coupon will not be entertained.


Payluy reserve the right to send you promotional notification.


You hereby acknowledge that merchants are the provider of the coupon and solely responsible for providing the benefits of the coupon.


Reproduction, sale, resale or trade of a coupon is prohibited. Any attempt to carry out any of these will potentially void the Coupon at our discretion.

Transferability of Coupon

Coupons are transferable to merchants, agents and users at any time. Should a customer close his or her Payluy account, and open a new account with the same or different phone number, any unused coupon earned from previous Payluy account will continue to remain in that particular Pauluy account.


Payluy provides E-loyalty as a platform to its merchant, agent who wish to setup their loyalty program. The programs are setup by Payluy merchants together with Payluy.

Apple and/or Google in any way are not associated with the app, its features and the E-loyalty program.


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