With the Payluy Wallet, your mobile phone is your new wallet.

Enjoy payment on-the-go and discover attractive deals and promotions right at your fingertips.

Grow your business
by joining Payluy network.

How do I sign up to become an Agent?

There are few methods of signing up:


Get in touch with us via the Payluy Wallet app


Feel free to contact our helpdesk


Please download and complete Agent/ Partner Assessment Form. After completed, please email to helpdesk@payluy.com.kh

You stand to enjoy these benefits as an Agent or Merchant when you join the Payluy network

Open your doors to new customers with our promotional channels.

Recognize revenues instantaneously and avoid counterfeit monies.

Capitalize on digital marketing through our e-wallet and grow while retaining your customer base.

Take advantage of loyalty programs integrated in our e-wallet. Partner up with other partners that have onboarded the network and further drive store traffic and sales.

Watch your business grow by partnering with us!

We intend to have 100,000 users within 6 months of operations. We also intend to partner up with 1,000 merchants within the same period. This presents profitable opportunities for you to be a part of the Payluy network.

Interested to work with us?

Learn more details in our Agent, Merchant and Corporate page.

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Please do not hesitate to reach out to us for an appointment at helpdesk@payluy.com.kh, and we will respond to you as soon as possible.